Extending Digital Transformation to the Frontline


Is your frontline connected?

Headquarter teams have smartphones, e-mail and access to the latest digital tools that make communication and team collaboration intuitive and easy. Yet, frontline workers are often forced to rely on dated technologies like two-way radios, overhead paging or antiquated phone systems – all of which keep frontline workers siloed without access to the help or information they need. Simply put, most frontline team members are completely disconnected. 

Before organizations can fully automate manual or multi-step processes with digital workflows, deliver consistent and measurable outputs, and ultimately accelerate business success, the entire frontline must be connected. Doing so closes communication gaps that hinder store operations and enables the whole frontline to work as One Team, unlocking the following six key benefits: 

  • In-Store Communication 
  • Enterprise-Wide Communication 
  • Speed of Service 
  • Leadership Effectiveness 
  • Employee Productivity 
  • In-Store Expertise 

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