Connecting HQ to the Frontline


How do you ensure every team member truly receives important company announcements? Is your leadership enabled to quickly disseminate information to their entire team in real-time? For most enterprises, customer-facing employees are the last to hear about promotions, safety updates or other procedural changes because leaders lack the right tools to keep their teams connected and informed.


Theatro connects HQ and field teams to frontline teams in real-time, helping leaders inform and engage with their on-site teams at any time and from anywhere.


Watch this Spotlight webinar to discover how Theatro's voice communication platform enables leadership to drive alignment, share recognition and motivate teams.


In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What barriers HQ and field teams commonly face when attempting to relay critical information to frontline teams
  • How Theatro's Manager App and Content Distribution Manager can break down communication barriers
  • The benefits and value of connecting your entire enterprise

Featured Speaker

  • Sam Clark, Training Manager, Theatro

Watch the Spotlight Webinar on-demand!

Watch on-demand to learn how you can connect your entire enterprise!