Theatro ranked #1 in Technology Innovation

Winning with a perfect score of 5.0, "a rare feat only achieved by two vendors in the 2021 Leaderboard." - Joe Skorupa, Consultant & Strategic Advisor, and Editor at Large for RIS News

Theatro Named a Leader in 14 Categories in the 2021 RIS Software Leaderboard

Retailers ranked Theatro as #1 with a perfect 5.0 score in Retail Technology Innovation as well as a leading retail software company across other key categories. 

RIS Software LeaderBoards 2022 Results

For 20 years, the RIS survey has ranked solution providers based on real-world evaluations in retailer satisfaction. In this year’s edition, hundreds of retailers ranked software providers based on a variety of criteria. Retailers have come to trust and rely on the survey when considering investing in retail software.

With the December release of the RIS LeaderBoard ‘21, Theatro was named among the top 20 vendors in 14 categories, including top 3 rankings in 5 categories. ...special kudos are in order for Theatro, which came out on top by a wide margin in the important Criterion of Technology Innovation. Theatro won this Criterion by posting a perfect 5.0, a rare feat only achieved by two vendors in the 2021 LeaderBoard.” – Joe Skorupa, Consultant & Strategic Advisor, and Editor at Large for RIS News

Theatro is a passionate about innovation for the frontline employee and is honored to have received such remarkable rankings by our customers 

Theatro ranked on 14 of 51 leaderboards

2021 Leaders in Technology Innovation
Tech Innovation
2021 Leaders in Ease of Admin & Maintenance by Tier 1 Retailers
Ease of Admin by Tier 1
2021 Leaders in Technology Innovation by Tier 1 Retailers
Leaders Innovation by Tier - LP - 2
2021 Customer Satisfaction by Tier 1 Retailers
CSAT by Tier 1
2021 Leaders In Software Reliability
Software Reliability - LP - 3
2021 Leaders in Ease of Installation & Integration
Ease of Intallation

Additional rankings:

  • Leaders in Software Reliability by Tier One Theatro #3
  • Ease of Administration Theatro #5
  • Leaders in Ease of Installation & Integration Theatro #5
  • Quality of Support by Tier One Theatro #6
  • Recommendation by Tier One Theatro #6
  • Overall Performance Theatro #7
  • Customer Satisfaction for Targeted Solution Vendors #7
  • Leaders in Targeted Solution Vendor Leaders #10

Theatro ‘s goal is to digitally connect every frontline employee to each other and to the enterprise to enable a new level of connection and access to information they need to do their job well. Theatro’s solution creates OneTeam across an organization – enabling agility, improved productivity and improved customer experiences necessary to win in today’s evolving and highly competitive market.  

The RIS Software Leaderboard report is one of the most influential studies in retail technology. This study is a must-read for retailers planning their IT investments, especially in a year when continual change in requirements and processes is driving retailers to change course overnight in order to keep their employees and shoppers safe.

Produced by RIS News, this study ranks leading software vendors based on user evaluations, breadth of technology suite, and revenue. Evaluations of ranked vendors were compiled from 302 retailers casting 714 votes of software they used in 2020. Evaluation forms are distributed and managed by an independent third-party firm, Litchfield Research, which ensures accuracy and integrity of the results.

Check out the full report or download a copy of our summary report.

If you are looking for a solution to connect your frontline and create OneTeam across your organization to unlock productivity and empower your team to deliver on customer satisfaction – let’s talk. We would love to share how retail’s best are benefiting from Theatro’s innovation. Click here to contact us.