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Covid-19 has dramatically changed retail as we know it. Retailers remaining open have made major adjustments to their operations playbook and safety guidelines to protect and serve customers and employees alike. Those preparing to reopen must learn from their peers in redesigning their own operations.

Join a panel of retail experts as they share best practices based on experience and insight gathered from across the retail landscape as we find our way to the “new normal.”  The topics range from BOPIS to contactless curbside, staff agility, onboarding, frontline communication, and more, as a spectrum of good-better-best responses are emerging.

We will focus on four impact areas that directly influence how to meet customer and employee needs safely, effectively, efficiently – and sustainably:

  • Evolving customer engagement models
  • Strong leadership supported by a culture of communication at and to the store level
  • Fast rollout and iteration of new standard operating procedures
  • Efficient associate onboarding and maximized labor productivity for store reopening

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Simply put, we have seen the equivalent of three years of store operations evolution in the span of the last 6 weeks…  The results of leaning in and “doing” something quickly versus always “planning” to do something has given many retailers the confidence that in the future they can move faster and take more risks once the pandemic has passed.

Chris Todd
CEO, Theatro

Retailers have been redefined in this crisis. The word ‘essential’ probably never entered our lexicon in retail in the last few decades, and that’s a big shift. It really shows that retail matters. We aren’t just purveyors, we aren’t just transactors, we are a key, fundamental element of the safe and healthy functioning of society.

Joe Skorupa
Managing Editor, RIS News

Consumers’ expectations were already changing. But now more than ever before it’s not just about price and product and new ways of fulfillment. It’s about which retailers are being proactive - about ensuring that consumers will have a safe shopping experience, and ensuring that consumers will get product fulfilled.

Amit Chetal
Retail Lead, Americas Industry Organization, Cisco