Optimizing the Curbside Experience


How to Build a Successful Curbside Operation in Retail

Curbside sales have seen a 10-20x increase since the outbreak of COVID. As demand continues to grow, so too do curbside's challenges. How can you drive operational excellence, differentiate your customer experience, and stem the losses associated with inefficient curbside service?

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  • Curbside's biggest challenge and how to overcome it
  • How Theatro helps in optimizing the curbside pickup experience
  • How Theatro's in-ear voice technology connects and empowers your frontline store workers

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Theatro's heads up & hands-free solution enables enterprises to unlock the value of their frontline teams by connecting them to the people and information they need to do their jobs ... all done through the power of voice! Theatro's solution enables employees in gaming, hospitality, retail, and distribution to provide outstanding customer experiences while driving employee productivity and operational profitability.

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