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As the first “killer app” of Covid-era retail, curbside pickup has enabled many stores to remain operational, keep employees safe, support shopper needs, and become known as a company that steps up in times of crisis.  

But at what cost? Curbside processes take many forms, some of which offer painfully inconsistent service quality and hurt profitability. Looking ahead to long-term solutions, retailers are evolving curbside workflows to better align with service and profitability goals, as well as the reality of doing more with fewer staff.  

Join Theatro’s Amy Bakos, Director of Customer Experience, for a discussion of curbside priorities, playbooks, and results from across the retail landscape. Hear Adam San Miguel, Director of Solution Planning at Walgreens, describe their curbside journey, one of the many improvements they’ve rolled out quickly as they innovate to adapt to this unprecedented environment.

What You'll Learn:

  • The breadth of curbside capabilities available, from order fulfillment to customer delivery, and the range of problems that can be addressed by each
  • The importance of taking a platform approach to enable continued process improvement
  • Key capabilities and use cases to consider as you scope your own organization’s curbside roadmap

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Featured Speakers
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Adam San Miguel

Director of Solution Planning, Walgreens

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Amy Bakos

Director of Customer Experience, Theatro